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Windy running

29 Jun

I think it was windy and raining today!

29 Jun

Great run in the hills today.  Punishing climbs that even made me walk and even use my hands too!  The views were truly stunning and only fell once.  No damage thankfully apart from covering myself a lot of mud with around 5 miles to go.  


Oh, and managed to lose my running shades.  Darn it.  If anyone finds a nice pair of Specialized Shades on Pentland hills I will be a happy man!  I’m not holding my breath.


First run back!

25 Jun


So, after abandoning my plans for a short run yesterday, I embarked upon a run from South Queensferry round Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay.  I planned on going long, but never did I imagine that I’d do 30 miles. At one point I thought it was going to end up being 32, but I found a short cut and was glad to leave out the extra 2 miles.  Ankle feeling great!  The only bad mark on the run was, despite trying to keep as hydrated as possible, my best efforts still resulted in a product with the appearance of Chateau Musar White!  

The highlight of the run has to be the coastal route round Dalgety Bay which was trail-tastic!  The low light has to be getting hit in the crotch by a stone flung up from a passing car on the A921.  That never happens on the trails.  Road running might be easier on the ankle, but I’d much rather have a sore ankle than sore…  Anyhow!

This weeks long run was partially motivated by Ellie Greenwood’s success in the famous Western States 100 mile Ultra in California.  Taking down Ann Transon’s long standing record by nearly an hour, Ellie is making a big name for herself in Ultra running.  Born in Dundee, Ellie is no doubt in frame to be Scotland’s greatest ever Ultra runner.

Tomorrow brings a short run in the Gym, bit of core work, then a good old Sauna session.  

Not so much fun.

23 Jun

Having spent since Monday not running, I have discovered just how boring life at snail pace is!  I’ve really had to to try not to but realise that it could damage my long term ambitions.  

After my triple marathon last week, it was evident that my right ankle wasn’t taking to kindly to the 98 mile week.  After a nice ibuprofen filled summer sun run on Monday I decided rest was a worthwhile medicine. 

So, hopefully tomorrow will see a pain free run!  If not, it’s another grumpy me for a week wallowing in my own self pity.  On the plus side, had an awesome Dom Perignon/Clicquot/Moet tasting with work this week to take my mind off things.  Hard job, but somebody has to do it.


An ode to…

17 Jun

An apple a day keeps the doctors away,

a run in the park keeps you out all the day,

but with running it definitely will have been proven,

You’ll one day be needing 1 or 2 ibuprofen.




*insert unhappy face here*



It was tricky indeed!

16 Jun

Ran 17 miles in the damp surroundings of Balerno and West Linton.  Finished off with 10 miles on the treadmill at the gym.  This makes it a 27 mile (split) run, taking me to 3 marathons for the week and 98 miles in total.  Ok, I missed the 100 mile mark, but the Simpson’s finished earlier than I thought, my math skills aren’t great, my toe was a wee bit sore, fancied a quick session in the sauna…  Excuses, Excuses!!  If you go to the video section you can see a wee snippet of the trail conditions today!


Today’s training…

16 Jun

Was going to hit the gym for a short session before the 30 mile run tomorrow.  However, having looked outside and seen that there is a torrent of water running down the street…  I’m going to hit the trails!  The wellie loving kid in me is coming out to play!

Marathon Blog 9

15 Jun


04/06/12 – Post Plymouth Half  

Feet don’t fail me now! A new mantra I have inherited from Sarah, my Plymouth half marathon partner. Certainly a much more PC version than another mantra I have been using that was stolen from Tony “Foos your legs!” Audenshaw. Sarah’s mantra will be used between the miles of 0 and 25. Then “F##k your legs” will come in to play from 25 to 36.5 miles! Yes, there is another big race on the way… The Speyside way 36.5 mile Ultra Marathon, 36.5 miles unaided in the hilly, scenic, torturous, hilly, picturesque, torturous, hilly, once in a lifetime, torturous, hilly hills of the Scottish Highlands… Did I mention it is hilly and torturous? 

The Plymouth half was the first time I have ever ran with anyone, even in training. Due to the electrical nature of modern hearing devices (bring back the hearing trumpet!), British weather and sweat doesn’t seem to get on with them. However, Siemens are now endorsing and supporting my marathon efforts over the next year and have supplied me with top of the range (expensive!) Aquaris hearing instruments. These are water proof and will withstand all the elements I’ll throw at them. Wind, rain, mud,sand, blood, sweat, tears, hilly torturous terrain… Well, Ok, they may not directly help with the torturous hills, but something has to!! I can’t thank Siemens enough for their support. A big shout goes out to Sarah too being my first running partner. She was a joy to run with! She did look at me slightly funny for finishing Plymouth Barefoot though! 

In my many training runs this month I’ve been thinking a lot about why we run (Was this me trying to convince myself to stop?!). In all seriousness, why do humans feel the need to gather in large numbers and run for 26.2 miles? 35’000 in London, 36’000 in Paris, and over 40’000 due to join me in Berlin in September! We may be the most advanced species on the planet, but this does seem genuinely insane! Also, now that we are getting better at it and more and more people are doing it, Ultra marathon running is becoming a mass participation event too! However, how many people start a race with the intention of winning? How many could ever dream of winning one? How many Olympic runners think they can win? So why do it? I myself, am so competitive that if my brother beat me at anything, I’d be so annoyed that I’d practice and practice until I knew I’d win. Hungry, Hungry hippo’s was a serious event in my books! 

So where am I going with all this? Well, my initial intention of running was for pure enjoyment, health and self achievement. No competitive strand attached, and I would retire from running in 2015. Well, all has changed. I want to win a race and I will not retire. Why the big change in heart? Well, just because I need to get my competitive edge back, it’s what made me who I was before falling ill with Wegener’s. I truly feel myself beginning to accept mediocrity, and that is just not me. Is it truly achievable? I honestly don’t know, but I’m going to give it one hell of a shot. It may take more than a couple of mantra’s to get me on the podium, but anything is possible. It just takes effort, determination and lots of torturous, hilly hills! Is this insane post run babbling, or a real statement of intent? Maybe a combination of both, but it is true reflection of my will to win. 

Next race is Dundee Running Adventure Marathon (DRAM!) on the 26th of July. Bring it on! 

P.S. Photo is myself and Sarah running in Plymouth. Guess which mile!! 

Marathon blog Number 8

15 Jun



In the last few weeks I have experienced many miles… long, short, painful and pleasing. Some on my feet, some in my car. All ticking the right box so far! Oh my, I’m a poet and I don’t know it! I wish I could speak in rhyme all the time! 

I met Tony Audenshaw… really nice guy, 
We had a wee drink, In a pub, it was dry. 
We posed for some photos, out on the trail, 
we even even agreed to talk by email. 

Tony ran Manchester the very next day, 
He ran very quick, I do have to say! 
It was miserably cold, all through the race. 
but Tony was on form and kept up good pace. 

I ran over 26.2 miles twice in the last week. 
Thankfully I washed, or I really would reek! 
I lost a few toenails, big ones and all. 
I hope just to keep one, or else I might fall. 

I moved to the capital, land of Salt and Sauce, 
Been out on the hills, It’s covered in moss. 
Good for the training not to get in a rut, 
I’d better be careful not to slip right up. 

I’ve never been a fan of Edinburgh City, 
In fact if I’m honest, I thought it was s#itty. 
I met someone sexy on last Friday night, 
I just changed my opinion to one of delight! 

I bid you farewell, I need to go drinking. 
But before I go, I have just been thinking… 
You people amaze me with your kind donations, 
I may even thank you with silly flirtations! 

I promise, no rhyming in the next edition!!! Will do a proper blog soon. 

Marathon Blog 7 – Update and amendments!

15 Jun


Here is blog number 7: 

It’s been a quiet few weeks from me on the blog front. Having completed the Rome marathon, my energies went into getting a promotion at work! Thankfully, it paid off and I am currently in the process of moving to Scotland’s capital, the land of “salt an’ sauce” (they have this on their chips instead of salt and vinegar!), Edinburgh! 

Excited about the big move, but trying to fit training and moving has been a nightmare. Also, I’ve unfortunately had to cancel my participation in the Fort William trail half-marathon due to work. What?!? I hear you say!!! Jamie cancelling a running event!?! It was hard to take, and I couldn’t do it without making plans for another event to make up for it. The good thing about my new plan is that gives me a reason to head back to the Highlands for a few days (Hopefully I’ll complete the run in one day though!). 

I have decided to take the plunge and participate in the Speyside Way Ultra – Marathon on the 25th of August. 35.5 miles with whisky tasting stations on route. Ok, that is a lie. No tasting stations, but no water stations either thoroughly enough! 35.5 miles self aided!! Wow, it’s going to be a toughie! If anyone wants to supply me with water and treats on route, I’d be delighted! Vegan friendly though!! 

Training has been great this month! Managed to rack up over 57 miles in 3 consecutive days, including a 29.7 mile run. 15 miles out and 14.7 miles back! I guess I must have been cutting the corners on the way back! My longest ever run, but good to know I could do it and even follow it up with a 17.5 and 10 mile run in the 2 days after. 

I hope to get my application sent off for the Speyside Ultra in the next few days. Hope there is still places Left!! 

PS. Pic is from finishing the Rome Marathon just after having literately rolled over the finish line! Got some funny looks for that!