Marathon Blog 3

15 Jun


A big thanks to everyone who has donated, you’re in my thoughts during the runs!  

Here is blog number 2:  

19/02/2012 – 27 days to race day!  

So… Every eye was on me in the gym Saturday. Why were they looking at little old me? Was if for my running prowess? My dedication to 80 long minutes on the treadmill? Was it my brand new Vasculitis UK T-shirt? Unfortunately not… Note to self: If you are wearing headphones and not running outside in the middle of a forest, other people can hear you singing along with Frank Sinatra! Any chance of someone sending me a Vascultits UK balaclava so I can face the gym again?! 

It’s actually been a really good training week. The big run on Thursday came a little too soon after the Sunday run but was productive none the less. I managed 18 miles despite wanting to stop from mile 1, then followed it up with 6 miles on Friday morning. Saturday (apart from embarrassing myself), involved 5k on the treadmill going easy in in the morning, then 15k of treadmill interval training after work. 

Today was great fun! 15K total, running with 5k splits. Ran the first 5k in 19 min 57 seconds, followed by 5k in 23 min 53 seconds. Then after 1 or 5 Haribo sweeties (only pros use Haribo’s!) a final 5k in 24min 64 seconds. So happy to beat 25 minutes for the last 5k (please note: may have cheated slightly). 

This week should see me wind down a little bit. Going to work a little more on my core strength and more interval training. The long runs are going to start coming down in miles though! Woo yeah! 15 miles planned for next weekend in my home town of Montrose. It’s going to be a route I used a lot training for Paris Marathon in 2009, so a nostalgic run one could say! This week will also see an announcement as to making this challenge a wee bit tougher! Next weeks blog will undoubtedly reveal more! 

Thanks again for reading! 

PS. Pic is the Majestic Wine Marathon du Medoc Marathon team sporting our medals! Bring on Roma! 

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