First run back!

25 Jun


So, after abandoning my plans for a short run yesterday, I embarked upon a run from South Queensferry round Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay.  I planned on going long, but never did I imagine that I’d do 30 miles. At one point I thought it was going to end up being 32, but I found a short cut and was glad to leave out the extra 2 miles.  Ankle feeling great!  The only bad mark on the run was, despite trying to keep as hydrated as possible, my best efforts still resulted in a product with the appearance of Chateau Musar White!  

The highlight of the run has to be the coastal route round Dalgety Bay which was trail-tastic!  The low light has to be getting hit in the crotch by a stone flung up from a passing car on the A921.  That never happens on the trails.  Road running might be easier on the ankle, but I’d much rather have a sore ankle than sore…  Anyhow!

This weeks long run was partially motivated by Ellie Greenwood’s success in the famous Western States 100 mile Ultra in California.  Taking down Ann Transon’s long standing record by nearly an hour, Ellie is making a big name for herself in Ultra running.  Born in Dundee, Ellie is no doubt in frame to be Scotland’s greatest ever Ultra runner.

Tomorrow brings a short run in the Gym, bit of core work, then a good old Sauna session.  

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