Dundee Marathon

26 Jul

It’s Been a while since my last blog entry – been a combination of work, injury, recurrence of injury, work, illness, and more work! Injury being my ankle, and illness being a cold that won’t shift. Needless to say, I’m not the most motivated or sociable when I’m not able to train!

This weekend I’m running in the Dundee Running Adventure Marathon (Or DRAM – very Scottish!) as part of my fund raising for Vasculitis UK. I’ve not figured out what the adventure is yet… Big obstacles? Water features? Animals on the loose? THE LOCALS ARE CHASING YOU?!? Needless to say, it looks like being a fantastic event. With only 111 people starting the Marathon it’s going to be a far less populated than the forthcoming Berlin Marathon (over 40’000 starters!).

So aside from training, working, and being ill; How else have I been filling my time? Trying to be a vegan and baking! Yup, baking Vegan cookies (Thanks to Erica for the recipe!). Darn tasty. Maybe I could alter the recipe and get the Flanacookie on the mass market? Ultimate wine match? Maybe a whine match is more apt given my recent injury/illness moans!

If you would like to donate to my running endeavours for 2012 and Vasculitis UK you can do so at the following link:


A big thank you goes out to everyone for their continued support.


18th of March 2012 –  Rome marathon 

3rd of June 2012  –  Plymouth Half Marathon


Still to come:


29th of July 2012  –  DRAM Dundee running adventure marathon 

25th of August 2012  –  Speyside Way  36.5 mile Ultra-Marathon (25/08/12)

30th of September 2012  –  Berlin Marathon 


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