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42 mile Working Ultra

5 Mar
Work is over in that direction somewhere!

Work is over in that direction somewhere!

So while out running on the Great Glen Way today I got thinking about my next race.  Well, not my next race (The Mighty Deer Stalker on the 16th of March), but the race after that and before the Edinburgh Marathon.

Now entering all these races cost money, so I got thinking about how I can run in an event that not only doesn’t cost, but even saves me money!  Yes, such an event exists…  Instead of the 14 mile commute to work in my car, I plan on running to work!  I can roughly estimate that the trail route on the Great Glen Way will get me to work with 21 mega hilly miles.  Yes, that isn’t an Ultra Marathon – But what if I run 21 miles, put in a full 10 hour shift at work, run a wine course for 10 people (who don’t mind making a small donation to my charity!), then Run home the very same 21 mile route.

This of course wouldn’t cost anything, I’ll save on petrol and hopefully get a few wee donations for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation as well!

Will need to get my planning cap on over the next few days and try and get a date sorted.  If anyone has any thoughts, want’s to run a proportion of the route with me, or even fancies attending the wine course let me know!