My story is laid out plainly here:


Vasculitis (Wegeners Granulomatosis) is the incurable illness which made me say “What?” a hell of a lot!  It’s not just a ear disease, it’s an everything disease.  It could be a cough, a sneeze, a cold, a sore knee, a failing lung, a failing heart…  You name it.

I was lucky that I eventually found the right doctor.  A gentleman called Musheer Hussain at Dundee Ninewells hospital.  He litirally saved my life.  I lost count the number or doctors and consultants who missed it completley.  A large proportion of Wegeners patients are diagnosed during a post mortem.  There is no need, it just needs more awareness and funding.

So far races include:

Rome marathon (18/3/2012)

Plymouth Half Marathon (3/06/2012)

DRAM Dundee running adventure marathon (29/07/2012)

Speyside Way  36.5 mile Ultra-Marathon (25/08/12)

Berlin Marathon (30/9/2012)

I’d like to thank Siemens  for their support in these events.  They have definitly helped make this all possible.

Thank you.

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